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How Samsung S4 is a fail in front of HTC One



Today Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York, so far from the views and reviews it’s a big fail compared to the HTC One introduced by HTC only a month ago. Why? let’s see


We all know what’s our first preference is. Camera! Let’s see the Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera. It’s a 13 Megapixel camera. But is that a good thing? I don’t think so. HTC One in the previous year introduced ImageSense technology in its smartphones which gives photography with your phone a new edge. Also with HTC One they busted the myth of ‘More Megapixel better picture’ by introducing Ultrapixel technology which gives you 300% more light and better photos! So HTC One is clearly a winner in camera technology.


Samsung Galaxy S4 might have a bigger screen coming with 5” inch and HTC One with 4.7” inch screen but is that enough? Apparently not. According to famous formula by the late pioneer Steve Jobs, its the pixel density that matters. HTC One has a Super LCD 3 with 461 ppi screen whereas S4 only has 441 ppi Super AMOLED screen. So clearly HTC One wins here too.


HTC One was the first smartphone to come with a full Aluminium Body, something that previously was known to be impossible but HTC did it! Whereas Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a .. uh .. plastic body.


Weight of S4 is 130grams whereas HTC One weights around 143grams. So yeah, this is the only place where S4 might be a bit better.

Sound & Music:

S4 doesn’t have any special sound features with a single speakers whereas HTC One features dual speakers HTC BoomSound with Beats audio.

HTC One features Music player with live Lyrics and visualizer, whereas Samsung here gives a lot of options like sharing music with up to 8 other S4 phones and similar other features.

Live Feed:

HTC One introduced BlinkFeed which is live tiles on your home screen from several of partners and news feeds like Engadget etc. and make your experience more fun with phones, whereas Samsung S4 haven’t introduced any such feature.

Operating System:

Both use Android 4.2 Jelly beans so its a tie there.


Both have 2GB Ram BUT HTC One has Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7 GHz processor whereas S4 has 1.6GHz EXYNOS 5 Octo processor, while the trend is to reduce the number of processors to reduce power consumption because smartphones don’t need that much power anyway, so it looks like Samsung is just running in the opposite direction.

Other Features:

Samsung Galaxy S4 have a lot of other little features like scrolling by tilting your phone, multigaming, Air View and S health. Also, if I present review from CNET while I was watching their live feed during their Launch, their female presenter was pretty pissed off at them at how they presented their launch and commented:

“They just lost all their female customer”

and thought that the launch was very offensive about women.

Well, there it is, that’s all I can explain how Samsung Galaxy S4 is a fail in front of HTC One. The decision rests with you.

If you have any feedback, leave in the comments section below!


Update (Reviews from top technology blogs):

CNET: “.. just as we’re disappointed every time Apple gives us the smallest update to the iPhone, the phone fan in us would have liked a dash of revolution with our evolution. The S4′s new features are divertingly gimmicky, but not particularly dazzling or useful, and the whole package is wrapped up in a body that’s all too familiar.” -  

Engadget: “..We attempted to run Sunspider on the device to get a sense of browser performance, but the test just seemed to loop. Quadrant ran just fine, though, giving us a score of 8,892 — a result that falls far below that of the One and Optimus G Pro (both packing Snapdragon 600), but falls in line with the Droid DNA and One X+…” Joseph Volpe

IBNLive: “.. it’s hard to point to anything that will set the world on fire in the new phone, revealed on Thursday at an event in New York. The S4 has what you’d expect from a new smartphone: a bigger screen and a faster processor. It may prove to be unfortunate that didn’t stop there when it presented the successor to its hit Galaxy S III, because the phone has a grab-bag of features that don’t come together as a pleasing whole.” - Peter Svensson

TechRadar: “..many will struggle to tell the difference between the S4 and its predecessor, as the polycarbonate chassis is still in use, although the metallic banding around the side, while still plastic, is much sturdier and feels more premium.” - 

it168 (first ever reviewer): “但道理不难明白手机硬件和体验并不是一个完全正向比例。虽然三星已经在软件上偏向重心,但此次八核硬件下却也暴露出不少影响体验的问题,或许这仅仅只是工程机上存在,但也不得不让人重视” - 冷希/杜毅/纪伟 


  1. Quote

    this is the most bias piece of crap review

  2. Quote
    AwesomeW said March 15, 2013, 1:05 am:

    crappiest. review. ever. Have you even ever compared the cameras on the two? just because one company says something doesn’t mean its true. It usually just means a gimmick. Compare before judging, you really have no idea. And 20 ppi difference? give you $100 if you can notice a difference. Besides, everyone knows super amoled tops lcd anyday. Plus, htc doesn’t automatically adjust the screen based on the app you’re in and where you are. Stinks to be HTC. And aluminum vs plastic? meh. aluminum is cooler, yes, but who even looks at the back of their phone anyway? besides, aluminum dents. trust me. And who even looks at the weight?? all phones are created equally heavy anymore. forget about weight. sound and music is a legit review, important and informational. Its like an either/or thing. live feed def is cool and htc does have a leg up there. but not many app companies are going to create a live feed app just for a single phone’s layout. And haven’t you even done any reading about cores?? the S4 has four cores for performance, and four for everyday with low power consumption. Aim before you shoot dude. S4 has the processor hands down. Besides, if the trend really WAS to reduce cores to save power, why did HTC double their cores to 4? Use your brain you idiot. Besides, HTC one doesn’t have half the camera features the S4 has, not to mention 3 way video chat, not to mention dual camera recording, not to mention S voice, not to mention 8 way sound system, etc etc etc. Start studying your tech before you try to give reviews.

  3. Quote

    Is HTC paying you for this? Do you think we can’t see that you are biased?

  4. Quote

    Oh – where to start?

    - and while HTC camera is good at low light the low pixel count is a killer no matter how HTC tries to spin this out. You simply loose detail. Try to zoom in on any picture you take with the HTC One.
    Anyways there are far better options to shoot at low light than to be forced into “low megapixel, larger sensor scheme” like adjusting the ISO or longer exposure.
    So I would say any 13MP camera wins over 5MP one. But of course both HTC and Samsung and Apple for that matter have a lot of room for improvements.
    Win for Samsung.

    - It’s simple – 5″ is better than 4.7″, and 461 PPI is better than 441 PPI.
    The only question here is what difference you will actually notice.
    Let me tell you – 4% increase in PPI are not noticeable even at much lower PPI’s let alone at PPI levels we talk about here. The screen size difference of 0.3″ on the other hand is very noticeable.
    Win for Samsung.

    - Aluminum vs. Plastic (ehm polycarbonate) is basically form over function debate. And labeling it as debate is a stretch. There is NO advantage in having the Aluminum body over Plastic body except in someone head.
    In the contrary. Plastic is lighter, more flexible, less prone to scratches, feels warmer in your hands (especially in winter), not to mention easier to work with to assemble…
    Additionally if Aluminum body was the reason for some other “features” like non-interchangeable battery or no
    Win for Samsung.

    - Not much important since both are almost the same weight.

    Sound & Music
    - Didn’t had a chance to hear the Beats Audio implementation but in my mind Beats are not a company I would associate with a good sound – If HTC collaborated with Sennheiser that would be great but Beats. Hm – No.
    No winner

    Live Feed
    - Some people might like it some might not. So…
    No winner

    - Octo (8 cores) processor is design just for the reason you say it shouldn’t be designed – to reduce power consumption. These 8 cores are basically two 4 core processors – one fast and furious A15 cores processor for heavy load (like 3D games and stuff) and second A7 cores processor for low workload (like calling, browsing, tweeting…).
    Win for Samsung.

    I simply don’t know how you managed to spin this into HTC win. Thanx for a good laugh though. LOL

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